We are recreating our website and you are invited to get involved!

During this time, when we add or enhance functionality we will update this online version so that you can see as we progress.

The first step was to decide on the basic layout and colour scheme. We have gone back to our primary colours of Red, Black and White and used a very mobile friendly layout. We are also thinking first of mobile use as we add controls, keeping them visible and easy to use.

Creating a belt designer is not an easy task primarily because of the sheer number of variants involved - think about it...
You can enter your own text, on both ends, font, design and colours; the combinations are almost infinite and this is before we think about dan bars and their colours!

We welcome your constructive thoughts to help us build a designer that you find easy to use, and we hope you enjoy watching the progress.

We don’t think this has been done before, let’s see how it goes together :-)

Below is the start of the Home page. Nothing much to look at yet - just an assembly of the menu, image and text areas as we work on the layout - real content will come later.

We are currently working on the first designer (Designer Development) so go ahead and click the menu to load the designer - you will get a feel for how the new belt designer is being built and how it will work.

Thanks for dropping by.
Oh! We know the logo is the wrong colour... we'll get to that

Accent Beltartist
online black belt designer
Sending us your own belt?
  1. No
  2. Yes
Belt Material?
  1. Cotton
  2. Satin
Belt Width?
  1. 45mm
  2. 50mm
Accent Logo Position?
  1. End 1
  2. End 2
Belt length?
  1. 250mm
  2. 280mm
  3. 300mm
  4. 320mm
  5. 340mm
  6. 350mm
  7. 360mm
  8. 370mm
End 1: text
End 1 Font Style
End 2: text